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Messenger Plus! 2 Easter Eggs MESSENGER PLUS! 2 Sound Codes (Easter Eggs)

msn messenger plus addonLike all good software, the Messenger Plus! 2 has some secret easter eggs. We're not going to show you the results of them below, because that would be pointless. Just follow the instructions and they should work with the latest version of Plus! Big thanks to Timothy, dlfranks, ToMTeMoR and Raddie for revealing them to me!

Added in Messenger Plus! beta 1.17: a personal "thank you" message from Patchou appears when typing /patchou in the conversation window.

Added in Messenger Plus! beta 2.02.23: the following commands give you (and your contact if he or she's got the latest Plus! 2 too) an "visual & aural experience": /shello ; /sdoh ; /skiss ; /sbrb ; /sevillaugh and finally /sconfig if you want to disable the thing when it gets annoying ;)

Added in Messenger Plus! beta 2.10.32: All sound commands (and an additional five: /sboring, /somg, /smad, /sbye, /sevil) are now integrated in the Plus! pulldown menu within conversation boxes (Plus! > Send Command > Sounds). They're not secret anymore!

Added in Messenger Plus! 2.20: /sright, /scomeon, /snoexcuse

Want to customize the sound messages? In Messenger Plus! 2.10 you can just type the sound command of your choice and add your personal message afterwards (eg. /somg I can't believe it!). The sound will be played to your custom text.

Before version 2.10 you had to follow noroom's instructions to create custom sound messages (tnx to SLimShady too, but we replaced his instructions):

1. Open an IM window with an email that is offline or doesnt exist (Actions -> Send IM...)
2. Send the easter egg you want the sound of (eg: /sDoh)
3. When you get this message:

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:

$4I'm so stupid!

Copy the first 2 symbols. (If you also want the color, copy all symbols & numbers, but not the text).
4. Paste them in the IM window u want to use them
5. Type the text you want to use. You can also use several colors or styles with it.

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